3 teens shot at busy shopping center

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Three young teens were hit by bullets outside a busy shopping center.   It happened at the Camp Creek Marketplace Saturday night just after 8 p.m.

Donald Coggins says he and his father were just leaving one of the stores when they saw the commotion and stopped to see if they could help.  He says he saw the 3 young teens bleeding in the street. 

"One teen was shot in the foot, another teen was shot in the back of the head and he was holding paper towels to his head," said Coggins. 

Coggins says the third teen was on the ground.  Paramedics had to cut off his shirt, and Coggins said he could see the bullet wound in his upper body. 

"I seen the teen laying there on the ground, he kind of looked me in the eyes and was like, 'I'm living this moment right now', it was heartbreaking," said Coggins.

Investigators say they believe there was an altercation near the movie theater at Camp Creek Marketplace that turned violent.  Witnesses say they saw people firing out of a passing car at the teens.  Some described hearing up to 20 shots fired. 

Police say the teens struck by bullets are just 13 and 14 years old. All three were rushed to the hospital.  They have not made any arrests. 

"I can imagine fights break out but for it to escalate to this level to where somebody almost loses their life? I think it's insane," said Coggins. 

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