2 new ads hit airwaves in Perdue, Ossoff Senate campaign

Election Day is still more than three months away, but political advertisements have already flooded the airwaves.  

"The fact that two candidates are advertising in the very expensive Atlanta media market this early in the election cycle shows that both parties take this election very seriously," said Brian Robinson, Republican strategist and founder of consulting firm Robinson Republic.

Wednesday, Sen. David Perdue, R-Georgia, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) both dropped new negative ads against Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff.

"Jon Ossoff is pushing a socialist agenda," Perdue said in the video.  

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The messaging, however, is accompanied by a softer tone than a typical attack ad. The NRSC content is much harsher.  

"Perdue is telling his story, driving his message, trying to stay positive as much as possible," Robinson said.  "And then the outside group comes in and does the dirty work and begins to define the Democratic opponent in a negative light."

So far, Ossoff's campaign has only released one television spot and it never mentions his opponent's name.  

"What they're doing now is trying to build their brands so that people feel good about them and that they'll hopefully keep that good feeling about these candidates even as they forget the particular messages that they've seen," Robinson explained.  

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Robinson said Ossoff's campaign will likely pivot to some of their own negative messaging soon.

"They're going to be rotating in new content you know, every other week or so because you've got it fresh and you've got to keep in interesting and keep people engaged," said Robinson.