2 more Georgia state senators test positive for coronavirus

Two more Georgia state senators have tested positive for coronavirus, brining the number of positive tests of people in the Georgia Legislature to four.

On Sunday afternoon, Democratic state Sen. Nikema Williams announced on Facebook that she has tested positive for the virus, saying that she had developed a fever on Monday and other tests for the flu and strep throat had come back negative.

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According to Williams, she was tested on Thursday on the top of the parking lot at her doctor's office. She then was told to wait for five to seven business days. Fortunately, the result came back earlier.

"The positive #COVID19 test result was also a reminder that it’s not just 60+ year olds or people already sick that are testing positive," Williams said. "YOU can get this too. Many of you reading this already have the Coronavirus and are showing no symptoms."

That same afternoon, Republican state Sen. Bruce Thompson said that he has now been confirmed to have the virus after coming down with flu-like symptoms over a week ago. Thompson said at one point his condition was so bad, he had to be admitted to a local hospitals Emergency Room/Intensive Care Unit.

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"I have now received confirmation that my Coronavirus test came back positive. While I am feeling much better, I plan to remain at home in self-quarantine for the immediate future," Thompson said on Facebook.

These two positive results come just days after Republican Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick said she tested positive after first feeling sick over a week ago.

The first Georgia state Senator to announce a positive test result was Sen. Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta, who announced March 18 he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Sen. Beach was in attendance at a special session just two days prior to getting the positive test result.

Beach's positive test results  led Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan and several members of the Georgia General Assembly to self-quarantine for two weeks

As of Sunday night, 25 people have died from the virus in Georgia. Over 600 people throughout the state have tested positive for the disease.

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