2 men attacked and robbed on Atlanta's streets

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Atlanta police are trying to determine who attacked and robbed two men walking on Atlanta city streets.

The Atlanta Police Department said one attack happened as the victim was leaving a doctor's office in Midtown. In the other, the man was walking near a post office on Piedmont Avenue.

Officers said what's really scary about these attacks is they both happened in such public places.

"These type of incidents are a serious matter and we as a department do not accept or encourage these type of actions in our city," Officer Stephanie Brown said.

Last Wednesday, police said a 60-year-old man was in front of the post office on Piedmont Avenue when he was asked by two men for a lighter.

The man told the suspect he didn't have one and kept moving, but soon after he was ambushed at Piedmont Road and Ralph McGill Avenue. The two men hit his head and stole his wallet, house keys, and valuable paperwork.

Just two weeks before that attack, Brown said another man in his 60s was attacked by two men as he walked from his doctor's office to a bus stop off Peachtree Street.

In that case, the victim told police the two men ripped his pockets to get his cash and snatch his phone.

Police said despite similarities in both cases, they aren't sure if the two incidents are connected.

"At this time we don't have any indication that the cases are connected but our investigators are looking into each case to see if they are​," Brown said.

She recommended staying aware of your surroundings and if confronted, complying with the suspect's requests, saying there's nothing more valuable than your life.