17-year-old murder suspect reportedly confessed ‘unloading a Glock'

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Meshon Williams showed no emotion Tuesday afternoon as he listened to a homicide detective describe the single gunshot that ended the life of 6-year-old Z'Mari Mitchell.

"Just to put simply, he had lost the entire use of his body. He was shot in the head so at that point, all doctors could do was keep him comfortable," said Sgt. Lynn Shuler.

DeKalb County homicide detectives charged the 17-year-old with murder when Z'Mari died 5 days after Williams allegedly fired 31 rounds towards the Mitchell family home on May 5. Sergeant Shuler told a Magistrate Judge it all started with a fight over a social media post. Williams allegedly drove several girls to the Mitchell's home on Sweetgum Lane to fight Mitchell's teenage sister.

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"It was five on one and the girl's father came out first and then her mother came out with a broom or some sort of a cleaning tool to get the girls to go away. The girls ran back into the SUV that was driven by Mr. Williams.

The sergeant testified Williams drove the car about 300 feet, stopped and got out of the grey SUV before firing 31 rounds from a Glock with an extended magazine. Two of the bullets went through the home where Z'mari was inside and one of those bullets hit him in the head, according to the detective.

"Mr. Williams waived his Miranda Rights and stated that he unloaded his Glock after shots were fired toward him from the home," said Shuler.

The murder suspects mother and other family friends were in court for the hearing but declined to comment on camera. Off camera, they told FOX 5’s Portia Bruner they were very sorry about what happened to Z'mari.

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