Wakeboarders chase points and thrills at Terminus Wake Park

It’s one of the most unique sports facilities in North Georgia — a place where people of all ages can experience the thrill of wakeboarding without ever setting foot on a boat.  And Wednesday afternoon, some of the area’s best cable wakeboarders will suit up and hold on tight, hoping to showcase enough skills to represent Terminus Wake Park in this year’s Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships.

Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m., Bartow County’s Terminus Wake Park will host the “left rail” round of this year’s Points Chase Series, which will be followed by a “right rail” round next Wednesday and “left kicker” on Wednesday, May 29th.  The WWA Wake Park National Points Chase Series is presented by the World Wake Association, and showcases teams of amateur and professional wakeboarders representing cable wake parks from across the country in the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships.  This includes more than a dozen parks, including the Orlando Watersports Complex, Shake Wake Park in Myrtle Beach, and — of course — Terminus Wake Park, which has become Metro Atlanta’s destination for those who want to try the thrilling and challenging sport of cable wakeboarding.

Speaking of, people of all ages and skill levels can try out cable wakeboarding at Terminus Wake Park, which features both a “beginner lake” operating at a slower speed and an “advanced lake” for those who want to tackle some of the pro-level features.  Another popular attraction at Terminus is the Aqua Park, which can best be described as a floating playground!

Now, if you’re a longtime viewer of Good Day Atlanta, you’ve already seen Terminus Wake Park on television.  And yes, you’ve seen a certain feature reporter make very slow progress in his quest to become a professional cable wakeboarder.  But just in case you’ve somehow missed it in the past, we spent this morning up in Bartow County, learning more about the points chase and — more importantly — attempting to successfully finish a lap around the lake for the first time.  Click the video player above to see if it finally happened!