Traffic Law Tuesday: New vehicles added to Georgia's 'Move Over Law'

At the beginning of July, we saw a handful of new, or amended laws take effect. This month, Georgia's "Move Over Law" is adding a group of vehicles.

The "Move Over Law" is important and saves lives. It's also known as the "Spencer Pass Law." Spencer Pass was a HERO driver, who was hit and killed in 2011, while helping a stranded driver on I-85. The law was renamed in his honor and this year, it's getting a bit of an update.

The law calls for drivers to move over a lane, or slow down if they see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder. Originally, vehicles with yellow, amber, or red  lights were included in the law but now, as of July 1st, white emergency lights are included as well.

It now explains that you have to move over for, "...a stationary towing or recovery vehicle, or a stationary highway maintenance vehicle, or a stationary utility service vehicle that is utilizing  traffic  cones  or  displaying  flashing  yellow,  amber,  white, or red  lights..." O.C.G.A. 40-6-16.

The amendment helps to include utility vehicles in the law and keep workers safe.    If you can't move over a lane, you must slow down below the speed limit and be prepared to stop. If you're caught breaking this law, it could be a $500 dollar fine.
While it's not the law to move over for every vehicle on the shoulder, like stranded vehicles without emergency assistance, it's encouraged. For everyone's safety, move over a lane and give them room to work.