Skating rink 'Sparkles' during 60th anniversary month

Show of hands — who’s gone to at least one birthday party at a roller skating rink?  Chances are most of you just raised your hand. Now, another show of hands — who’s been to a birthday party for a roller skating rink?  

Not so many, huh?

Well, this morning, the Good Day feature team celebrated a major milestone at Sparkles Family Fun Center in Kennesaw — Sparkles itself is turning 60 this month! The story begins back in 1959, when the first location was opened by brothers Albert and Carl Couey in Mableton. According to Albert’s son Glen, “Back then, all the roller rinks were individually named, and then we had to come up with a name so we could say, ‘Skate in your area.’” The original name was Lollipops, but when that didn’t work out, the Coueys found inspiration from within; the family cat’s name was Sparky…which led to Sparkles!

Albert Couey’s other son, Jeff, went on to a successful career as a competitive skater, ranking as national champion and top four in the world back in 1976. He also met his wife Ava at the rink, and the two were married…you guessed it…on roller skates.

Of course, over the past six decades, the Couey family has grown to include countless North Georgia residents who regard Sparkles as something of a “second home.” 

So, we couldn’t let September pass by without celebrating this big birthday at the Kennesaw location. 

Click the video player above to check it out!