Move-it Monday with 'Mr. Olympia' Lee Haney

Lee Haney is a world-class athlete. He's earned the world title of “Mr. Olympia” eight times for his body building. We caught up with him at House of Payne Personal Training. Some FOX 5 viewers have told us they need a little boost and encouragement to either get into or back into the world of exercise and fitness. Haney says it's never too late to get into fitness and gives Fox 5 viewers a few simple tips for getting the ball rolling.

Haney says simple workouts with dumbbells, either pressing overhead or holding low for shoulder rolls are easy ways to tone arms. “These are things that anybody can do in the comfort of their own home,” says Haney. He says you can “Kill two birds with one stone” when doing cardio workouts if you make sure to engage your core stomach muscles.

Time management is key according to Haney, who believes “Your health is your wealth, especially  as you get older.” The two ladies who participated in the segment on FOX 5 are mothers who find the time. I try to do it early before anyone's awake. It allows me to get in time just enough for me,” says Silvette Bullard. Laura Ungureanu says, “It gives me more energy. So, when I work out in the morning, it helps me stay more focused.

Haney is doing his best to get others focused on what he calls “Functional Training,” where the exercises you do help you with normal daily activities like lifting and walking. He's excited to announce Mr. Olympia/Atlanta fitness and physique event to be held at the Georgia International Convention Center on October 31st. It will feature activities for kids, teens and adults including obstacle courses. Proceeds benefit Haney's Harvest House, which is a mentoring program for boys age eight through seventeen.

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