The Butcher The Baker answers the age old question: Is a patty melt a burger?

Is a patty melt a burger?

There is certainly a case that can be made either way. For starters, it is made with ground beef. Let’s face it, patties made from turkey, lamb, black beans, chick peas, etc. are commonly referred to as burgers, so apparently being made with ground beef is not a prerequisite. The other issue for many, it is served on toasted bread rather than a traditional bun. Let’s face it again, how many times growing up did your mom or grandmom serve you a burger on regular bread simply because she was out of hamburger buns.

Bottom line here, whatever you call it, the Patty Melt at The Butcher The Baker on the Marietta Square is delicious, and isn’t that what matters the most?

Micah Pfister is ‘The Butcher’ (his wife is ‘The Baker’… hence the name), and he says yes the Patty Melt is a burger… but better. Sounds like a good enough reason for #BurgersWithBuck to take a road trip up I-75 to the Marietta Square to find out for ourselves.

It starts with delicious whole wheat bread, that is made by ‘The Baker’, and toasted with butter. The beef is house ground (by ‘The Butcher’) with onion and garlic and seared on a flat top. It is topped with American cheese and caramelized onions, and then finished with their house made dijonnaise.

#BWB urges the burger purists among us (and you know who you are) to not get hung up on semantics and give it a try.

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