Getting organized for back to school

For most parents, back to school means an avalanche of paperwork and keeping yourself organized can be overwhelming.

It is for FOX 5 producer Jennifer McCabe. She's a working mother with three very active boys ages two, four and six.

Most of their shoes and bags stack up by the back door... paperwork and artwork is scattered across the kitchen counter.

Organization expert Laura Ray with Organize Atlanta says the key is to find a home for everything.

She says first, clear out all cabinets and bins and throw away anything you don’t need to keep.

Use clear boxes so you can easily see what’s inside.

Then, label bins for everything from hats to homework.

A shoe rack makes digging thru bins a thing of the past.
Keep homework and important paperwork in each bin for each child and use another for Mom to go through later for things she needs to sign or keep.

As for the artwork: find a place to hang only the pieces you want to display. The other,again, go into a bin for storage.

Laura says it’s important to keep your organization to two simple steps- otherwise, you may likely find yourself back in a disorganized mess.

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