Crash survivor, rescuer reunite after months-long search

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After stopping in the middle of a freeway to give a stranger caught in a car accident chest compressions, college student and Atlanta-based singer Franki Raine wondered if she'd ever see that woman again. She called FOX 5 and asked for help identifying the woman. Several phone calls and police reports later, the two women reunited.

The accident happened back in September of 2018.

"I had pulled up on a four or five car accident," said Raine. "There were cars smashed all over the highway," she recalled.

Raine has first aid training, so she pulled over to help. She found a woman lying on the side of the freeway, badly hurt.

"People around me kept saying 'she's dead!' And I said, "No she's not! I know CPR! One second!'" said Raine.

Raine started giving the woman chest compressions. "She was just laying on the ground limbs sprawled on the concrete," Raine said. "There was a little bit of blood, but she wasn't moving."

Then, all of a sudden, "with those final chest compressions, she just shot up, like huge gasp for air," said Raine.

Moments later, the paramedics arrived and took the woman to Grady Hospital. Months later, FOX 5 was there for the emotional reunion.

"Did you have any memory of me by chance?" Raine asked Jortoria Walker, the woman involved in that multi-car wreck."I have no memory of anything...just bits and pieces," Walker said. "I didn't even know why I was in the hospital," said Walker.

Jortoria Walker was in that multi-car crash, but when she got out of her car to move to the side of the road, a driver in a stolen car slammed into her and sped off.

"I literally got knocked out of my shoes," said Walker.

She spent several days in the hospital. "Waking up just having all these, oxygen masks, IV's going, neck brace, leg was tied up, i was just like 'ok...,'" Walker said.

Even months later, her recovery is far from over.

"You can still see some scars, and the bridge of my nose has taken a little bit more time," Walker said. The car hit her directly on the kneecap, so she is still in physical therapy for her knee,

"The goal is being alive. We can work the rest out from there," Walker said of how blessed she feels to still be alive.

She says she'd been wanting to meet Raine for some time to thank her.

"I really do appreciate it, you probably saved my life for real," Walker said.

Raine said she just felt like she had a purpose for pulling over, "I really believe it was a divine moment, and it was the spirit through me and onto you," she told Walker.

Walker's recovery will include at least seven or eight months of intensive therapy for her knee, but she and Raine have exchanged information and say they plan to keep in touch.