Computer Museum officially 'powers up' in Roswell

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It’s really easy to take computers for granted – after all, they impact and enhance just about every aspect of our life. But some of us remember a time before every home had a computer, and a new museum in Metro Atlanta traces the development of the life-changing technology through an incredible collection of rare machines.

The long-awaited Computer Museum of America officially celebrated its grand opening last month in Roswell, the first step in is long-term mission to become one of the largest technology museums in the world. So what’s inside? A collection amassed over several decades by Lonnie Mimms, who says he didn’t necessarily intend to end up with a collection tracing the digital revolution, but that he simply didn’t throw away any of his computers! 

His collection, now housed in the museum, now boasts more than 250,000 pieces of hardware, software, documents, and more – including what museum staffers say is the largest collection of CRAY Supercomputers in existence and one of the largest collections of Apple artifacts in the world. 

The Computer Museum of America is located at Roswell Town Center, 5000 Commerce Parkway in Roswell.  And the Good Day feature team spent the morning there, getting a look at high-tech (and, in some cases, low-tech) displays inside.