Chadwick Boyd breaks down Pho vs. Ramen on Good Day Atlanta

Food and lifestyle expert and host of "Reel Food" Chadwick Boyd joins Good Day Atlanta's Joanne Feldman via Skype to break down the Pho vs. Ramen on Good Day Atlanta.  He says that when it comes to satisfying, cheap eats, Pho and Ramen are the way to go.  From quick, on the go-to late-night outs, both are delicious soups that nearly anyone can get.  So what is the difference? 

Chadwick Boyd "soups" it up for us.  See his breakdown below. 

  1. What IS the difference?

Fuh is Vietnamese. Ramen is Japanese.

  1. How do you pronounce the terms?

It's "fuh" NOT "fo." Ramen is, well…Ramen.

  1. Are the soups made the same?

Fuh is made with a light broth, usually chicken broth. Ramen is made with all kinds of broths or rich stock, like miso, mushroom, soy or pork.

  1. What's the difference in the noodles?

Fuh uses rice noodles, which are translucent. Ramen has thick, sturdy noodles made with "kansui," which is an alkaline water.

Any other tips?

Look at the toppings:

  • Fuh ALWAYS has a sliced meat, like chicken, crunch sprouts, fresh herbs and lime
  • Ramen can have all kinds of ingredients: hard and soft-boiled egg, roast pork, seaweed and my favorite, the "narutomaki," the little white disks with pink swirls=

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