Friday Night Heights - Forsyth County

Friday Night Heights takes the chopper to three of the four corners of Forsyth County. HIGH 5’s Cody Chaffins took to the air on a very windy Friday night.

Friday Night Heights: Hall County games

First, since nothing can get through the Hot Gates of West Hall, it was necessary to fly over it. Marist was there trying to do just that.

High 5's Friday Night Heights

High 5 Sports is taking a little field trip into the sky... SKYFOX 5 that is! In this week's Friday Night Heights segment, the crew flies over two games the South Paulding at Alexander over Cougars Stadium and Mays at Tri-Cities over The Doghouse. Let's fly!

Friday Night Heights - Gwinnett County Games

Do a High 5 Salute and turn your faces to the sky as High 5’s Justin Felder took to the air to bring home the following highlights in this week’s Friday Night Heights:

High 5's Friday Night Heights

Would you like to see a view of your team's stadium from thousands of feet in the air? If you said "yes" then you're in luck. High 5 Sports and SKYFOX 5 have teamed up to give you a bird's eye view of metro area stadiums--we're calling it "FRIDAY NIGHT HEIGHTS".