Walkes talks about facing pandemic far from home

Plenty of people around the world are keeping their distance from family members outside their homes during the COVID-19 outbreak. Still, it can be extra challenging when those relatives are an ocean away.

"Everyone's fine on my family side, which is all good," said Atlanta United defender Anton Walkes. "Close friends, extended relatives, everyone's fine."

Walkes is originally from London, a city under lockdown during the pandemic. He says he talks to his family every day, mostly through FaceTime or WhatsApp. He says his family and friends took warnings about the virus seriously, prepared in advance and say they are doing well.

"Obviously it's worrying, you want to be around your loved ones when things get difficult, but they're safe, I'm safe, so that's all that matters really," said Walkes.

Now, Walkes faces the same challenge so many people are dealing with: staying in shape while staying safely at home. Walkes has some equipment at his place: an exercise bike, some weights and other equipment that help with stretching and mobility. He also has an admittedly risky piece of equipment.

"I've got a small [soccer] ball around the house, which I use every now and then," said Walkes. "I know I shouldn't but I've been pretty accurate, so nothing's broke yet."