Update: Georgia State coach locates Georgia Southern good Samaritans

Georgia State's head coach has located two Georgia Southern students who helped his family following the Panthers' recent loss to their rivals in Statesboro.

Shawn Elliott's parents, who he said are in their mid-70s, were trying to find a ride home from the Georgia State-Georgia Southern game. Usually, they take an Uber back to their hotel after games like this, but none were available then, aroung 10:30 p.m in Statesboro.

"My mom was getting a little worried, it was getting a little late, they'd been out there a while," Elliott said. 

The two were decked out in Panthers gear outside Allen E. Paulson Stadium when two women approached the couple and asked if they needed help.

"My dad, who's never met a stranger, struck up a conversation with them, and they said, 'We're going to stay here and make sure y'all get home safely,''" Elliott said. 

Elliott said those two women sat with his parents for 30 or 45 minutes and paid for their Lyft ride back.

There was a little rivalry ribbing, of course. Elliott said one of the women told his father, "being that y'all just got beaten, we feel like we need to help you guys out."

"I thought that was kind of funny," Elliott said, laughing.

Tuesday evening, Elliott received a Twitter message from one of the young ladies who helped his parents. Elliott called Katie Urie and Anna

Messick "two special individuals" in his Twitter response and thank you note to all who helped him track the young women down. 

"It was just a nice thing to see that there are still good people around," Elliott said Tuesday. "I just want to say thank you because in this day and age, there's a lot of good that doesn't get noticed, and I wanted to let them know how much I appreciated them."

"People take this game -- and rightly so -- very, very serious, but in the same sense, we're all people, and it's just nice to know we all look out for one another when we need help," he said.