Thomaston celebrates hometown hero, Georgia Bulldog Travon Walker

Cheers filled the Thomaston town square on Tuesday as the city held a parade for their hometown hero Travon Walker. Walker, a defensive end for the Georgia Bulldogs, helped bring a national championship to Dawg fans for the first time in 41 years.

"This place is great. Growing up this is all I ever knew. I have the community here. They've always been behind me, and it really means a lot. It's something special to me that I will never forget," said Walker.

Thomaston also means family for Walker. His childhood home is surrounded on all sides by his mom Lasonia's family and his dad Stead's is not too far down the road.

"It's straight back roads from Athens so as soon as I get on that back road headed down this way and get close to Forsyth, I know I'm close to home. It just brings me back to my 'why' all the time. I want to get my family to see better things," said Walker.

Over the last month, Travon's family has gotten to see Miami and Indianapolis and every mile in between. The Walkers drove to the College Football Playoff semifinal and national championship games to see their son play.

"To be able to make those long drives like that just to watch a game and turn around and drive right back it really means a lot. It just shows the support system that my mom and dad have always been there for me," said Walker.

There's no road trip needed for this celebration as the Walkers share Travon with the community that also helped raise him.

"It just meant a lot for me to stay home and win it for my home state. To finish out the season, declare for the draft and to win a national championship, what more could you ask for?" said Walker.

Walker has decided to leave UGA early and enter the draft. So that means he will be leaving home once again to start training for the combine.