Georgia holds on to No. 4 in this week's College Football Playoff rankings

Only some slight shuffling in the College Football Playoff rankings this week after all the top teams took a win.

Ohio State (11-0) and LSU (11-0) traded spots with the Buckeyes now on top. 

Clemson (11-0), and Georgia (10-1) continue to hold the third and fourth spots respectively.

If playoff history holds form, three of those top four teams will reach the semifinals.

Georgia knows it needs to keep winning if the team wants to stay in until the final rankings come Dec. 8. 

The good news is this weekend the Bulldogs take on the Yellow Jackets (2-6) where they are favored by 29 points as long some Old-Fashioned Hate doesn't get in the way.

The big test for the Dawgs comes Dec. 7 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium as they take on the now No. 2 ranked LSU in the SEC Championship game.

Alabama continues to sit in the fifth spot.

In each of the first five years of the playoff, three of the top four teams in the rankings heading into rivalry weekend reached the semifinals, including the No. 1 team every time.

Here's a look a the full list:

  1. Ohio State
  2. LSU
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia
  5. Alabama
  6. Utah
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Minnesota
  9. Baylor
  10. Penn State
  11. Florida
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Michigan
  14. Oregon
  15. Auburn
  16. Notre Dame
  17. Iowa
  18. Memphis
  19. Cincinnati
  20. Boise State
  21. Oklahoma State
  22. USC
  23. Iowa State
  24. Virginia Tech
  25. Appalachian State

The Associated Press contributed to this report