Georgia High School association added a new sport this year to the roster

E-Sports competitive video games are now recognized as an official high school sport.

Lambert High School was the state runner up in League of Legends. League of Legends is one of three games offered currently.

Matches are held weekly from the computer lab or classroom and compete with other schools across the county or across the state.

“Half the time, my guys are hitting me up at 11 o’clock that night going ‘Hey, what do I need to do about this?’ and I’m like you need to go to sleep so you can be at school tomorrow.” Lambert E-Sports Coach Kevin Sapp said.

Sapp said E-Sports allows students who have never been a part of a sport the opportunity to come into the high school community.

Colleges are now offering E-Sports scholarships. Pro-gamers can make a career out of something they love just like baseball and football players can.