ELCA at Wesleyan – Call of the Week

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The 680 The Fan Call of the Week had our friends Chris Mooneyhan and Doug Konkel calling the plays Friday night for defending champion Eagles Landing Christian at Wesleyan. Photojournalist Eli Jordan has the pictures, music, drama and more. These are two of our favorite teams!

Here are some of the highlights as they call the game:

“Just in time for the start of October, fall is in the air. And as we hit the mid-season mark of Georgia high school football season, it is just in time for number one versus number two.

“With 10:35 left in the first quarter, no score. Long conversion needed for the first down and he goes deep on this play. Got his man down there, one-on-one coverage, makes the catch, may have been a push off. No matter, there's no flag on the play. Up over the 30-yard line a huge reception by Zack Peterson.

“Four receivers, two on each side... after the fake, banks to the side, drags a defender into the end zone and Wesleyan draws first blood. Wesleyan leads 7-0.

“Kickoff, split the defenders and head right up the middle, look at this return. No flag. Josh Mays still alive, dives for the end zone and he is in for the touchdown. Just like that ELCA answers.

“Man in motion, sophomore going deep, where he has a man down there. It's [Sean] Queen again, makes the catch, puts his foot in the dirt, stomps away from a defender and gets into the end zone. 17-10 ELCA out front.”

ELCA goes on to win it 34-31 giving Wesleyan their first loss of the season. ELCA (6-0) goes on the road next week to Fairburn to battle Our Lady of Mercy (2-4) while Wesleyan hosts Mount Vernon Presbyterian (4-1).