The times that try men's souls

It's a nightmare. No, not the pandemic. I’m talking about the reaction to it!

The Big 10 and Pac 12, two of the five so-called power conferences just canceled their 2020 football seasons (and all fall sports) because of the coronavirus.

So far, the SEC, ACC and Big12 are holding steady. But the dominoes are now falling.

Today, the Big South, which Kennesaw State University is a part of, the Gulf South Conference (University of West Georgia), and several individual schools threw in the towel on 2020.

I am so angry right now!

We are still over a month away from the start of the college football season. So, why this inexplicable hurry?!  Why not wait for more information?

I’m not a doctor, but if you watch, listen and read as much as I have you will find that not many of them agree on anything about coronavirus. And unfortunately, much of the discourse has been politically tainted. So, who do you trust about any of this?

This week I spoke with the father of Heisman candidate, Justin Fields, who said he believes the Harrison High School alum is safer there, at Ohio State, preparing for football than here at home.

And that’s my point. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling guiding by experience. Football is a controlled environment for young men. They need that. The sport demands it. Players would be more likely to be exposed to the virus by sitting in college classroom next to a guy or girl who spent all night at a frat party!

Let the kids play - DANG IT!

These school administrators look cowardly - looking around the room to see who goes first before making a decision. Group thinkers.

Those aren’t the kind of people we follow.

What everyone seems to agree on is that young, healthy people are not likely to be adversely affected if exposed.

Of course, vulnerable people would be.   

So…. Protect the vulnerable and let the rest of human kind go about their business!  How else will this virus dissipate and go away!

Some of those who have canceled their seasons are exploring the possibility of starting in the spring. Really? Have these pencil pushers ever played football?  It takes a whole  offseason for the body to heal and recover. And after playing a spring season, many of these guys would then turn around and prepare for an NFL training camp? Give me a break!

Many will be exposed to COVID-19. Some will be infected. But it will pass.

In the meantime, dreams will be crushed, local economies destroyed and lives forever changed because decisions made out of fear.

Remember the Miami Marlins? They suffered an outbreak on the team (after several poor decisions by individuals) and postponed eight games, but as of August 4 they were back in action with everyone on their best behavior.

This lack of leadership at the top of the college hierarchy may also spell the end of the NCAA. Leadership is nowhere to be found.

Several high profile college football players like Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence (Cartersville High School) are even leading a growing chorus of players demanding to play and discussing the formation of a college players union.

These are shameful, cowardly times and it doesn’t have to be this way.

The last time I checked, we have not yet become America - home of the meek!

Now, wouldn’t it be something if it was our high schools who led the out way out of this nightmare!

Just one man's opinion!