Young teen selling water breaks eye socket of officer

Atlanta police said a boy selling water punched a police officer in the face on Saturday afternoon. This after the police officer ordered him away from the interstate in Midtown.

The young teen’s fist hit the officer's right eye, fracturing the eye socket and Grady Memorial Hospital doctors are also worried about nerve damage.

The child is just 14 years of age.

When the officer first approached the youth, the boy ran. He did not get far.

The officer made another attempt to speak to the child.

The youngster grabbed a bottle and tossed liquid into the face of the officer. That was followed by a single punch.

"The violence on the part of some of these boys continues," said Atlanta City Council member Michael Bond.

Bond said police are caught in the middle of a confusing City Hall policy. The young teen boys selling water believe they are sanctioned to continue their activities.

"We have got to come up with a clear policy," Bond added.

The child has been charged with aggravated assault.