Young cancer patient's medical records and sentimental items stolen

Medicine, medical records and sentimental items were stolen out of a car in downtown Atlanta. It all belongs to a toddler battling stage 4 cancer.

Hailey Holder Allen's family lives in Warner Robbins. They drove to Atlanta late Tuesday night for an appointment with Hailey Holder's doctor.  The family stayed at a downtown hotel and when they got up the next morning they found the window of their SUV smashed.

UPDATE: Stolen backpack containing young cancer patient's medical records and sentimental items returned

"Our windows were busted out, stole all our stuff.  They rummaged through everything," said Hailey Allen, Hailey Holder's mother.

A backpack filled with medicine and crucial information was stolen.

"My daughter's medical binder, information since she was diagnosed on her first birthday, her treatment, medical information regarding her cancer," said Allen.

One of the bags had a tracking device. The family went to that location. It was a home in the City of South Fulton. Allen said an older man answered the door. He said he had a son, but he was sleeping and refused to wake him.  

The Allens called police who showed up but the officer said there was nothing he could do.

"We said we didn't want to press charges, just want our stuff back," said Allen.

Frustrated and disheartened, the family left. Allen said it will take some time to gather up all of her daughter's medical records. If that's not bad enough, Allen said there were some sentimental items in the bag that can never be replaced.

"My daughter's Beads of Courage. It's a program through the hospital that helps children document their cancer journey. Children receive beads every time they get poked or stay in the hospital, everything has a coordinating bead to it," said Allen.

Late Wednesday night, the City of South Fulton Police sent FOX 5 News a statement saying reading:

"We are conducting an internal investigation to determine the officer's actions and provide any corrective measures or training to prevent any similar instances happening in the future when crimes cross into different jurisdictions as this. We are also working with the Atlanta Police Department to attempt to identify suspects in this case." 

They said they have reached out to the family for more information.