World War II veteran's burial flag discovered in dumpster in Anne Arundel County

A World War II veteran’s burial flag was found in a dumpster in Anne Arundel County over the weekend and a woman has set out to reunite it with the soldier's family.

Teresa Jones said she was driving in Pasadena, Maryland when something caught her eye so she stopped, turned around and went to investigate.

“I really didn’t know (what it was), but I was curious. When I got out of the car, I lifted it up and was like, ‘Wow,’” Jones recalld. “My mind went a blank after I realized what I had in my hands and it just paralyzed me. Reality just had to sink in a little bit.”

A folded American flag sat in a wooden commemorative case with “Corporal Lewis W. Tippin, United States Army, World War II” engraved in the glass display.

Jones set out to reunite the flag with the Tippin’s family and contacted FOX 5 to help.

“I would love to reunite this with the family. This is a treasure. This is history and this is something I’m pretty sure they would love to have back,” she said.

Jones did some investigating and said she believes Tippin was born in 1923 and died in Toledo, Ohio back in 2001. She believes he may have some family in the area of Severna Park, Maryland.

If you have any information you think could help reunite the flag with Tippin’s family, contact FOX 5 at