Woman violently raped, robbed in southwest Atlanta

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Police are hoping you can help them catch two men involved in a violent rape in Southwest Atlanta.

The female victim was attacked last week in a wooded area right next to the Ashley Cascade Apartments.

And people living in the complex say they won't rest easy until the attackers are caught.

"I get up early in the morning to go to work," concerned resident Tiffany Berry said. "I've got to be careful."

Police say last week a woman was brutally beaten, raped, and robbed just outside the complex on Kimberly Way.

According to the police report, the woman was riding in the front seat of a gray Ford F-150 when a man in the back put a stun gun to her neck.

The driver pulled over and the man in the back took the victim into the wooded area, where police say he choked her until she passed out and then raped her.

When the woman came to, the men were gone, as were her clothes, phone, ID and $400

The victim walked until she could flag down help. They then called police, who met the woman at the complex.

Paramedics transported the victim to Grady for treatment. Now police are working hard to identify the attackers.

"That's really scary. I feel sorry for her," Amber Hudson said. Her sister lives in the complex and now she wants her to take extra safety steps until those responsible for the violent rape are behind bars.

Police currently do not have a suspect description other than the car's make and model. They say they're not sure how the woman ended up in the truck in the first place.