Woman in alleged sexual assault at nightclub speaks out

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A woman whose alleged sexual assault was captured on Facebook Live at a Midtown nightclub is speaking out for the first time since she claims she was attacked. 

Jasmine Eiland, 30, has filed a lawsuit against Opera Atlanta and other parties, alleging negligence, failing to have the appropriate amount of security, and failing to monitor certain areas of the club.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Eiland's lawyer Chris Stewart accused the nightclub of having only a quarter of the necessary security that they should have had at the concert.

"People are only looking the first part of the videotape. Ms. Eiland was attacked twice," He said.

Investigators said the assault took place at Opera Atlanta nightclub on the Jan. 20 and was streamed live on Facebook.

Late last month, suspect Dominique Williams, 34, was taken into custody and charged with sodomy one day after charges were filed.

Williams turned himself in to authorities.

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Eiland is no longer in the state of Georgia but is cooperating with investigators. At the press conference, her attorney revealed that Eiland had attempted to take her life four days after the alleged assault and had to be hospitalized.

The accuser's attorneys said on Jan. 31 they have reason to believe certain people were paid to make false statements about the victim, which were spread by social media accounts, blogs, and podcasts. 

"We are conducting an investigation into these allegations and will pursue criminal charges and civil damages against those responsible," the victim's attorneys said.

Stewart said his firm has uncovered a "massive security failure" by the nightclub which will be "shocking to the general public." 

Williams also retained a well-known Atlanta lawyer, Shequel Ross. Last month, the law firm put out a statement refuting the claims. The statement read in part:

“There were people in very close proximity to Mr. Williams and [victim's] consensual dance--and they were not alerted, nor did they offer assistance because nothing resembling an assault was taking place.”

The statement also mentioned that security and police at the club were not alerted to the incident.

Police said the nightclub has been cooperating with investigators on the case. The case remained under investigation by the APD Special Victims Unit.

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