Woman claims surgeon's office posted nude photos of her online

A metro Atlanta woman filed suit against a plastic surgery center after she claims they put nude pictures of her all over the internet.

The 56-year-old woman does not want us to use her name. She said she did not even tell her adult children she was having liposuction because she considers the procedure extremely confidential.

She said she had the plastic surgery done in 2016 at Celebrity Body Sculpting and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Union City.

She said when she discovered the nude photos of her body on the company’s website, Facebook, and Yelp; she was horrified.

"I was just sick. I am still sick when I think about it because I carry myself in a dignified way. I never signed anything authorizing them to use any pictures of me. No photos were ever mentioned," the grandmother said.

Just last week, the former patients slapped the plastic surgery center with a lawsuit. The legal action stated the photos showed identifiable and recognizable tattoos on her body.

The woman's attorney called the postings the ultimate invasion of privacy.

"Given what she does for a living and the public arena in which she needs to operate, this is the ultimate invasion of privacy," Attorney Ricardo Mosby exclaimed.

The woman told FOX's Aungelique Proctor she wanted to pursue a job in television.

Celebrity Body Sculpting and Surgery Center said it had no comment about the lawsuit.