Woman claims she was assaulted after asking people to maintain social distancing

A woman claims she was assaulted inside of a Chipotle restaurant in northeast Atlanta on Sunday afternoon after asking two women to maintain social distancing. 

Tina Deluna Salazar said she was in line to order food when two women came in behind her. 

She said she asked them to step back a little bit and that's when things got heated. 

"She started poking her fingernails in my eyes. She started slamming me in my head and my face and then I ended up getting slammed to the ground," Deluna Salazar said. 

She said both women started hitting her. 

"I didn't think I was going to make it because this lady would not stop slamming her fist into my face with a bunch of rings," Deluna Salazar said 

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According to the police report from Dekalb County police, Deluna Salazar is seen on surveillance video turning around and speaking to two women. 

The two women appear to start getting upset with Salazar and then start hitting her. 

The video shows a man intervening to try to get the women away from Deluna Salazar. According to the police report, Deluna Salazar did not hit back. 

Deluna Salazar spent hours at the hospital on Monday getting checked out by doctors. 

"My head was spinning, my eyes are damaged, I was seeing purple and blue spots," she said. 

Both women took off before police got to the restaurant. 

Deluna Salazar said this incident has left her shaken up. She said she hopes people take the time to be kinder to one another. 

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"We need to start loving each other because we all need to go through this coronavirus and everything together," she said. 

She said she's thankful for the Emory nurse who happened to be there and helped her right after the assault. 

She also said she wants to thank the paramedics and officer who responded to the incident.