Woman claims she was almost attacked at Gwinnett County school board meeting

Tensions are high in Gwinnett County following a School Board meeting over whether students should wear masks in the classroom.

The county's solicitor general is now raising questions about how security was handled at the meeting, which took place in May.

Ann LaFavor claims she was stalked and almost assaulted after she took pictures of women who weren't wearing masks.

In a news conference Monday, LaFavor described what happened with the woman who she claims nearly got physical with her.

"A woman old enough to be a grandmother was almost physically attacked and would have been had not a few other citizens pulled her back," LaFavor said. "But she ran up on me because I was taking pictures."

Gwinnett Solicitor Brian Whiteside says a police report should have been made and was not.

He encourages anyone who had an unfavorable encounter at that school board meeting to come and talk with him directly.

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