Former White police chief, officer, and city clerk found not guilty

Four years ago, the arrests of a police chief, an officer, and a city clerk were the talk of the town in the city of White in Bartow County. Now, everyone is talking about the verdict in their trials.

Former White Police Chief David King, his son-in-law, Officer Blake Scheff, and King’s wife, White City Clerk Jane Richards, were all arrested in 2019. An indictment stated they conspired to profit illegally and financially through their positions from August 2009 to December 2017.

The indictment stated the three had a "citation scheme that involved issuing city citations and demanding high fines and fees".

Former White Police Chief David King, and his son-in-law, Officer Blake Scheff

Former White Police Chief David King, and his son-in-law, Officer Blake Scheff (Supplied)

They were also charged with theft by taking, theft of services and trying to destroy records to cover up the evidence.

"The indictment for racketeering read like a novella, but when it came time for proof, there was very little proof," said attorney Lester Tate, who represented David King.

Last month, Scheff and Richards were found not guilty in separate trials. Monday, after a 9-day trial, David King was also found not guilty.

"What this really was, was an attempt to blame all the ills of the city of White government, including the police station and the police officers, and heap those on David King and his family," said White.

White has a population of about 650. Longtime residents have been following the case for years.

"There was a lot happening at that time around here that was kind of suspicious," said Neva Cline.

Cline had a friend who got $1,000 fine for speeding.

"I don’t feel justice was served, I feel it should have been investigated more," said Cline.

"It sounded like the judge wanted to express the difference between what is criminally wrong and what is morally wrong," said Weyman Holton.

Former White Police Chief David King

Former White Police Chief David King (Supplied)

As for David King, his attorney says he finally feels as though he can move forward with his life.

"At the end of the day, David King got his good name back and all the defendants were acquitted," said Tate.