Walmart reopening second entrances at some stores, getting rid of one-way aisle markers

Walmart says it is reopening second entrances and discontinuing one-way aisles at some of its stores.

The big-box retailer says most of its COVID-19 measures will stay in place, including social distancing floor decals and plastic shields at registers.

As the pandemic continues on, Walmart says shoppers have become more accustomed to altering their habits in public.

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"Customers have quickly adopted new behaviors like wearing masks while shopping, practicing social distancing and using our expanded hours to better spread traffic throughout the day," a spokesperson told FOX 13.

"This gives us the ability to do things like reopen a second entrance and resume two-way shopping in our aisles."

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Store associates will also continue with enhanced cleaning routines and spraying carts after each use, Walmart says.

The company will still require shoppers and employees to wear masks in their stores, which has been a requirement since July.