Video shows how bad the pollen season is in Georgia

It’s the coughing, sniffling, sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy-head, and itching season. Pollen season has arrived in Georgia and already the springtime squall has coated more of the state than this past winter’s snow flurries.

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Walking outside, residents will find the cacophony of pine, oak, hackberry, sweet gum, and birch haploids cascading through the atmosphere and eventually landing, producing new hues of yellow on cars, roofs, driveways, and sidewalks.

Monday's pollen count in Atlanta rose to a four-digit number, which is not uncommon. That number was 1,675. Thankfully, the rain earlier this week washed down most of it away, but with the nice weather the past few days, the count has once again begun to climb. Thursday's was 428.

But cutting through the numbers and scientific jargon, the Georgia Department of Natural Resource’s Wildlife Resources Division might have just visually put this pollen season into perspective thanks to a video they posted on Facebook Thursday.


The video shows the department’s prescribed burn helicopter flying over the West Point Wildlife Management Area at just above treetop level. As the blades of the chopper pass each tree, a yellow plume of pollen bursts forth.

One could only guess how much pollen was kicked up in the short, 18-second-long clip, but it was enough to see the small clouds dance in the wake of the aircraft and make any allergy sufferer cringe.

West Point WMA is located about 8 miles north of LaGrange and about 55 miles southwest of Atlanta.