Victim of brazen burglary, shooting recounts terrifying ordeal

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A Newton County woman said she was shot during an early morning brazen burglary. She spoke to FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell about the frightening encounter. She said she hasn't felt safe in her home on Broken Branch Court since last week. Deputies said they desperately want to get him off the streets.

“It's terrifying I now sleep with a hammer because I am afraid,” Sarah Roundtree.

Sarah Roundtree’s nightmare started when she heard glass break in the kitchen. Roundtree said the man rummaged through her things before firing a shot that nearly hit her. Roundtree got out of bed and peeked down the hall.

“There was like this loud bang and my side of my face started hurting...The bullet went right here missing my face of inches and went straight through here. They actually had to pull the bullet out of the door frame,” said Rountree.

She described the burglar as a man in dark clothing. He ran off after firing at her.

“I actually started pulling the wood pieces from my face,” she said.

Roundtree said the thief didn't take anything before leaving the same way he got in.

“The window was broken and I was looking around and right there it was an unshot bullet,” she said.

“She didn’t do anything that any one of us wouldn’t do if we hearing something in our home especially at 6:25 or 6:30 in the morning. We are going to look and see what that is,” said Deputy Latavia Washington, Newton County Sheriff's Office. “But I tell people to lighten your home...put lights on your house on the outside.”

Newton County deputies need help to track down the burglar.

“If they know anything about this to come forward,” Deputy Washington explained saying they can do so anonymously through their website, Facebook page, or call them.

“No matter the time of day it doesn’t apparently matter just always be on guard,” said Rountree.