Vice President Mike Pence speaks in Atlanta

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Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Atlanta Friday to speak at a conservative conference.

Mr. Pence addressed Republicans from all over the country at the Resurgent Gathering at the Grant Hyatt in Buckhead.

In a speech that lasted about 25 minutes, the Vice President highlighted what he sees as the accomplishments of the Trump administration, including a strong economy, an increased national defense and the appointment of several conservative judges at the federal level.

"It's been two and a half years of action.  Two and half years of results. Two and a half years of promises made and promises kept," said Vice President Pence.


The former Indiana Governor praised Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and state lawmakers for enacting one of the country's strictest abortion laws this year.  The "heartbeat" abortion law bans the termination of most pregnancies at six weeks' gestation. 

"The President and I both grateful for the strong stand for life that Governor Brian Kemp and your legislature has made," Pence said. 

The Vice President encouraged the crowd to make their voices heard ahead of the 2020 presidential race.

"Keep on fighting.  We'll keep on fighting and we'll keep on winning," said Pence.  "We're [going to] make Georgia and America more prosperous than before.  We're [going to] make Georgia and America safer than ever before and working together with this president, with this governor, with all our fellow conservatives in this state and nation, we're [going to] keep making America greater than ever before."

Several other Republican leaders spoke at the event including Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Congressman Doug Collins.


Gov. Kemp talked about several big issues including signing the heartbeat abortion ban and securing disaster relief funding for south Georgia.

The governor said it is time for state leaders to discuss establishing a spending cap for Georgia and how to make government smaller, but more efficient.

The governor said the state should also prioritize the places it spends taxpayer dollars like for teacher pay raises.