Vandalism Halts Mail Delivery

The Postal Service may deliver through rain, sleet, snow, and hail, but stops when it comes to vandalism. Mailboxes have been smashed open so many times at the Robins Landing Apartments in Decatur, that the Postal Service determined the mail would not be safe to leave, so delivery was stopped.

For a while, the mail was held at the Decatur Post Office, but after a while it began to back up so the mail was delivered to the leasing office at the apartment complex. Residents say it's been this way for months, and it's not working.

"I was told it's a bin with two or three thousand pieces of mail they have to go through and they can't get to it quickly because they don’t have the manpower," says Tiffany Brooks who says she's come close to being late on bills because her mail is delayed by a couple of weeks.

A spokeswoman for the apartment complex told me they've spent ten-thousand dollars on brand new mailboxes, yet the post office still refuses to deliver until they move the mailboxes to a different part of the complex. She says they're trying to find a solution.

FOX 5 News contacted the Postal Service. A spokesman looked into the problem and said the Postmaster for the Decatur office will go to the apartment complex Tuesday morning to assess the situation.