Use of force during arrest in question in Villa Rica

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A viral video shows Villa Rica Police arresting a man and the use of force they used during the incident has caught the attention of the internet.

Many have criticized the officers, who are shown kicking and striking 27-year-old suspect Tyler Reynolds. But many others support the officers, including the police chief.

It happened in the parking lot of sticks Bar and Grill Saturday night. Reynolds was arrested for trespassing and obstruction. New video released by police show a different angle of how the arrest went down.

The woman who posted the original cell phone video to her Facebook page days ago said she was concerned by the use of force, but Villa Rica Police Chief Michael Mansour said the elbow strikes and the kicks were justified under the circumstances.

He said the Reynolds family had already told police he was put out the house earlier that day for allegedly being high on methamphetamine.

The police chief released body cam videos on Monday to address concerns from citizens who cried foul after seeing the viral vital video of Reynolds' arrest. He said his officers responded to several calls earlier that day about Reynolds erratic Behavior and had even offered to give him a ride to Douglasville since his family wouldn't let him return home. The chief said the 27-year-old, who's listed on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Sex Offender Registry, had ordered food, wouldn't pay for it and wouldn't leave the restaurant.

Monday, Chief Monsour released his own video. It's from body camera worn by two of the officers who arrested Reynolds. He said the officers' use a force was not excessive but justified under the circumstances.

The chief said his officers even offered to give Reynolds a ride to Douglasville to avoid being arrested.