Unexpected heirs serve up 'Filthy' drama on FOX hit

It’s a girl!  And a boy!  And another boy!  

In last week’s premiere episode of “Filthy Rich” here on FOX, Kim Cattrall’s Christian television star got three very unexpected “bundles of joy” — learning that her husband (played by Gerald McRaney) had fathered three children with three different women.

And the arrival of those grown children sets up a soapy Southern power struggle that continues in this week’s all-new episode.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar, Mark L. Young, and Melia Kreiling star as the three previously-unknown children, and during our set visit to New Orleans last December, we sat down with the trio of actors.  MMA fighter and single father Antonio Rivera is Aguilar’s first big role — but it turns out his own background helped shape the character.

“I worked in Guatemala at the Israeli embassy in security corporations, and it was always part of my life,” the actor says of fighting and self-defense.  “So, for me, this was two of my favorite passions coming in together.”  

Young, meanwhile, has already appeared in several high-profile films and television series, and says working with top-notch talent like Cattrall is always inspiring:  “There’s no lag time, you know?  They’re always just perfect.  So, it’s like, you see what greatness looks like, and you’re like, ‘I can be better.’”  

And speaking of inspiration — filming the entire first season in New Orleans was a perfect backdrop for Kreiling as she crafted her character, the outspoken and no-nonsense Ginger Sweet.

“There seems to be, like, a different code for rules here,” Kreiling says.  “I feel a little more free down here.  I’m responsible for myself and I don’t need to be told exactly what to do, where to do it, when to do it.”

Don’t miss an all-new episode of “Filthy Rich” Monday night at 9 p.m., right here on FOX 5 Atlanta.