Trilith Studios gives big ‘thank you’ gift to Piedmont Fayette Hospital ER staff

Emergency room workers in Fayette County have gotten a big thank you from a metro Atlanta movie studio.

Trillith Studios, which is home to many of the Marvel movies, renovated the break room at Piedmont Fayette Hospital.

It is a project called Reel People Care. Reel as in a film reel. Trillith Studio executives were on hand to unveil the new emergency department break room at the hospital. It was a big "thank you" gift to the frontline workers here.

Emergency rooms have been run to the limit for the past few years with the pandemic and then a devastating flu season. So, it was a nice change to have a brand-new space just for the ER staff to relax for a bit.

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Trillith Studios unveiled its latest creation, a new break room for the ER staff at Piedmont Fayette Hospital on Jan. 20, 2023. (FOX 5)

Admittedly, hospital officials say the old break room was a hodgepodge of things collected in the 20-plus years that Piedmont Fayette has been open.

Trilith Studios is located right down the road from the hospital in Fayette County and is home to blockbuster films including many of the action-packed Marvel movies.

Studio president Frank Patterson credits Piedmont Fayette Hospital as an important partner of Trilith Studios and is an important asset to the people coming to Georgia for filmmaking.