Toyota issues new airbag recall

Almost three million airbags with faulty airbag sensors need to go because they might not deploy in an accident, according to carmaker Toyota. The failure to discharge may be seen in crashes where the front end of the vehicle slides under the back end of another.

Here are the vehicles in question:

  • Corollas 2011 - 2019 
  • Matrix 2011-2013  
  • Avalon 2012 - 2018 
  • Avalon Hybrid vehicles 2013 - 2018 

It's important to note that this recall of 2.9 million airbags is not connected to the widely publicized Takata airbag recall. This is altogether different, so don't gloss over this.  

I know it's hard to remember every recall. They do blend together. I get it. So check out this link: RECALL CHECK. This is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's page where you can put in your vehicle identification number (VIN) to see if your car has a recall out there that you are not aware of. It's a really handy tool.

So take this seriously. Here are a few more mental notes to make on this.

You should receive a notice about this from Toyota by mid-March. But, if you think this impacts your vehicle, call them. 1-888-270-9371. That's Toyota customer service. The fix will be something called a "noise filter." It keeps the control unit from being impacted by electrical interference.