Three teens accused in Cobb County sexual assaults

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Three teens have been arrested after a female victim claimed she was sexually assaulted three times in one night in Cobb County.

According to Powder Springs Police, the victim was at a house party on July 1 with Matthew Perkins, 17, of Powder Springs, Michael Anderson, 19, of Powder Springs, and Kristopher Garner, 17, of Douglasville. Investigators said the victim was sexually assaulted at that party.

Then, according to investigators, someone drove the victim to Perkins' house in Powder Springs, where she was assaulted again by two of the three suspects.

Investigators said the victim was then driven to Anderson's home, where Anderson assaulted her.

Perkins, Anderson and Garner were arrested last week in connection with the sexual assaults.

Perkins was arrested for felony rape. Anderson has been charged with sodomy and aggravated sodomy. Both are being held without bond.

Garner was charged with aggravated sexual battery. Garner had visible scars and marks at the time of his arrest, according to a booking report.

Investigators said the victim knew the suspects before she was allegedly raped, and had a prior relationship with one of them.