Three men involved in South Fulton County car break-in

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A man rushed to stop a group of thieves who were breaking into cars in the parking lot of a business in South Fulton County.

In an unusual twist, their target was a security camera repairman's truck.  Jason Sandlin of Security Plus caught the entire act on camera, however he wasn't going to watch, but act.  Three men had just pulled up and appeared to be breaking into vehicles in the parking lot including Sandlin's pickup.  Sandlin decided to run outside to confront the three men. Two of the men ran to their gray Dodge Charger and got inside, but the third paused to pull up his pants and Sandlin was able to catch up to him at the car.

The driver grabbed a gun and pointed it at Sandlin. " It was frightening. God got me away from the situation, bottom line. God made my old legs work so to speak for me to get back in to the office and away from the guys."

"Somebody can get killed out there. For what? For something someone steals out of a truck. There's nothing in my truck worth my life or anyone else's life for that matter," said Sandlin.