4 arrests made in Douglas County birthday party shooting that killed teens

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Tipsters who led to arrests in mass shooting turned down reward money

Douglas County officials say the numerous tipsters who provided helpful information in the case of a mass shooting that killed two innocent teenagers and injured seven others didn't even want the $40,000 reward money. "They wanted justice," a county official told FOX 5.

Four teens have been arrested in connection to a mass shooting that killed two teens attending a birthday party in Douglasville earlier this month.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office released a Facebook video of the suspects being walked into the county jail Tuesday evening.

At a press conference Wednesday morning, Sheriff Tim Pounds identified the teen suspects as 18-year-old Timothy Lamar Coleman Jr. and 17-year-old twins, Chase Terrence McDowell and Chance Terrell McDowell. Authorities say the incident was gang-related, but would not specify which gang. Investigators say the two victims were not the intended targets.

All three appeared before a judge on Tuesday. 

"It was heartbreaking. All of them held their heads down, but when they came out they looked at everybody, but when they got up to the podium, they drop their heads," Chanell White, mother of Ajanaye Hill said.

"It was hard seeing them on two levels, they are young people, watching them walked through those doors, there was no remorse. It was more like why am I here," said uncle Richard La Fleur.

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Douglas County sheriff vows more arrests in birthday party mass shooting

Four teenagers are in jail, charged with shooting and killing two innocent people and wounding seven others at a Sweet 16 party. The sheriff says it was a gang hit, and more arrests will be made.

Mr. La Fleur responded when asked about the ultimate punishment.

"Yes, death penalty, not so much an eye for an eye but that is part of the punishment for the crime you committed. You took two innocent lives that day. You took our Samuel without reason, without cause." Mr. LaFleur said with a straight face.

Since then, a fourth arrest has been made. Kingston Cottman, 17, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and will be charged with mass murder, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery – the same as the other three suspects. FOX 5 is working on obtaining a mugshot of Cottman.

Kingston Cottman (Douglas County Sheriff's Office)

FOX 5 has learned two of the suspects, Chase and Chance McDowell, are twin brothers who attended Manchester High School.

The deadly shooting was reported on the night of March 4. FOX 5 first reported that a sweet 16 birthday party was being held along Sitka Drive with well over a hundred teens in attendance. Eventually attendees were kicked out by the homeowners after it was discovered some were smoking marijuana. Shortly after the party goers were told to leave, the gunfire started.

The shooting claimed the lives of 15-year-old Samuel Moon and 14-year-old Aj'anaye Hill. Several other teens were injured.

Samuel Moon, 15, and Aj’anaye Hill, 14, were shot and killed when a gunman opened fire on attendees at a sweet 16 party in Douglasville on March 4, 2023.

The sheriff says other charges are pending, including participation in gang activity.

All three suspects appeared in court Wednesday where a judge denied them bond.