Third round of stimulus checks arrive

The third stimulus check begins to arrive to accounts. Some of you may have had the stimulus money in your account already, but it was likely just pending. Until now. 

Just like last time and the time before, you don’t have to apply for your stimulus check, which was OK’d by congress through the American Rescue Plan. It’ll either land in your account where your tax refund goes, or the check will be in the mail. 

Let’s touch on a few of the top questions we got the last two times stimulus checks were offered. And has always - how much am I getting - sits at the top.

Breakdown of who will receive third round of stimulus checks and how much 

For adults who qualify, it’s up to $1,400. For couples who filed a joint tax return, it’s double that, if you qualify for the full amount. And $1,400 for both dependent children under the age of 17, and qualifying adult dependents.

This answers the second big question: Will I get a stimulus check, if I owe back child support? Let’s look at a few debt situations. If you owe back support, the stimulus check won’t be garnished. But, if you are claiming the second and third stimulus checks as tax credits, those last two can be garnished in that instance. 

The check won’t be garnished if you have federal or state debts. But, private debt collectors can try to get some of this third check. 

Now if you are still waiting on the second check, IRS distribution of that should be done. If you think you qualify, claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 return. 

You qualify for the full amount if you are a single filer and earn less than $75,000. Married filing jointly and it's under $150,000. And filing as head of household, it’s below $112,500.

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