Thieves target mailboxes in Roswell

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Roswell Police have issued a warning to residents after a rash of mail box thefts. Numerous victims have learned the hard way those thefts have led to credit card fraud and forged checks with some people not yet realizing they have been robbed, according to police.

Ron Knight learned his mail had been stolen when he got a call from the bank about two questionable checks.

“I got a call from SunTrust Bank that there'd been two checks fraudulently cashed, they were suspicious of those,” said Knight.

Police said seven mail box thefts have been reported recently which, they believe, is far below the actual number.

“A lot of people may not know they're even victims of mail theft. And later on, you’re opening up your bills for your credit card account and notice maybe a five thousand dollar charge,” said Officer Lisa Holland with the Roswell Police Department.

Holland said the start of summer also marks a traditional spike in this time of crime of convenience. She encouraged people to switch to locking mail boxes, which keep pilfering hands out or make the trip to the post office like Robin Millard.

“I’ve always worried about people getting in the mailbox and taking a check or, like this is a payment that’s got a check within it,” said Millard.

There are also wireless warning systems, like Mail Chime, which sounds a beep inside the home when the mailbox is opened outside. But that was no guarantee for Adrai Spain whose business check was stolen after she'd left it in the mailbox.

“I noticed that my detector was lit up again. I said that doesn’t sound good. So I looked out the window, noticed the flag was down, went out there and the letter was gone,” said Spain.

Police said the mailbox thefts are scattered and seemingly not the work a single crew, which is why they ask everyone to take precautions.

“Don’t put your flag up,” warned Spain.