Thieves target catalytic converters in more Metro areas

As authorities in different parts of Metro Atlanta warn of a new rash of catalytic converter thefts, neighborhoods in Atlanta and DeKalb County have seen a number of cars with stolen catalytic converters.

Local police reports obtained by FOX 5 News in the past few days show victims' vehicles have all been Honda Elements or Honda CRVs, following the trend pointed out by Dunwoody Police in a recent FOX 5 report.

"The small SUVs like the Honda CRV and the Element are easier to climb under and get to,"  said Seth Jones with Midtown Tire, who happened to have a customer in his shop Friday afternoon who had their catalytic converter stolen.

Customer Florence Beauredon said her Honda CRV was targeted in her condominium parking garage off Glen Iris Drive in Atlanta. She showed us an e-mail from her homeowner's association showing other cars were also targeted.  

"In the morning when I started my car, the engine sounded like it was about to blow," Beauredon said. 

Jones said these parts will fetch thieves only $50 at a scrap metal yard.The cost to replace and install a catalytic converter, FOX 5 has learned from owners, has cost them from $1,200 to $1,900.

Jones said although owners can purchase a clamp for the part to deter thefts, the best deterrent is to park a vehicle inside a garage or a driveway.