Thieves swipe wallets from had-at-work store employees

While employees were hard at work, thieves were stealing their hard earned cash. Cobb County Police are now trying to track down two women seen in surveillance video sneaking into te back room of a store.

It was a busy Saturday night at Brooklynn's in Town Center Mall.  While employees were helping customers, thieves were helping themselves to the employees' wallets.

"They had one person looking out and one person going in getting our purses," said Valeria Larrotta who was working that night.

Just as the employees discovered their wallets were gone, one of them got a notification that her credit cards were being used at other stores in the mall.

"She had her license, gift cards and two or three credit cards and they completely cleared them out," said Larrotta.

Jodi Tiverio owns Brooklynn's. She was angry that anyone would steal from her employees.

"They're just college kids working super hard, and they don't deserve something like this to happen to them," said Tiberio.

Tiverio posted the surveillance video on social media and soon learned they weren't the only victims.

"We had several messages from businesses saying they believe it was the same people who hit them that day," said Tiberio.

Tiverio says the businesses have been sharing information.  She hopes between the video and everyone on the look out, the thieves won't be back.

"Hopefully they will be deterred from coming in our area again at the very least, if not, hopefully, caught," said Tiberio.

Tiberio says they've already taken extra security measures to protect the employees and their belongings.

Cobb Police say if you recognize the women in the surveillance images, they'd like to hear from you.