Thieves steal 1,200 pound meat smoker from East Cobb restaurant

A Cobb County restaurant owner said a $7,500 meat smoker was taken in broad daylight. 

Christos Giannes said the 1,200-pound smoker was used on Friday night and it was left parked behind his Greek-style eatery on Johnson Ferry Road. Giannes said he had cables, tire locks, and tongue locks, but the crooks still were able to make off with it during the early morning hours on Saturday.

Giannes said his restaurant, Christos, has had the smoker for a few months now and has used it every other day for their prime rib.

This is just another challenge in a long series over the past two years for Giannes. He said it was first COVID-19, then having to move his restaurant to a new location in May, then staffing shortages, and now this.

Giannes said his family has been doing business in Cobb County now for 43 years and is struggling to keep that streak going.

He said the restaurant normally has cameras up outside, but he took them down to replace the batteries. 

Giannes asks the person or people who took it to return it because they couldn’t use it openly with the unique design and wouldn’t be able to sell it without law enforcement noticing.

He said he already has plans to replace their smoker and possibly putting up a chain link fence to put it behind.