Thieves sledgehammer wall to burglarize Fayetteville store

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Fayetteville Police say at least three suspects blasted through the side of the gas station with a sledgehammer on a late-night grab for cash. 

The burglary happened at the Cornerstone service market off Highway 54 on September 21. 

Police told FOX 5 News one person stood 'lookout' as two other suspects pounded through concrete and bring to gain access to the store's office. 

Once inside, they stole an undisclosed amount of cash, cigarettes, and prepaid phone cards. 

Maria Solaman, a longtime employee of the store said she is glad no one was hurt. Solaman shared photos of the mess the crooks left behind.

"This is a very nice neighborhood store, nothing like this has ever happened here," Solaman told FOX 5 News. 

Fayetteville Police consider the suspects armed and dangerous. Anyone with information that could help investigators is urged to call Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta.