Thieves breaking into cars outside church shoot member

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A member of a southeast Atlanta church is recovering after armed thieves opened fire when he confronted young men breaking into cars in the church parking lot.

Atlanta Police say the thieves targeted victims who were inside All Nations Worship Assembly on Perkerson Road. Christopher Jones, identified by church personnel as a member of the security team, went outside to confront the young men Wednesday night. One of the young men opened fire. A bullet grazed Jones's hip, but police expect him to be okay.

"It's beyond frustrating when you come to church and can't even be safe here Worship in the Lord without having to worry about the devil being busy outside doing stuff like this," said Perkerson Road business owner Cindarian Robinson.

This man, who asked us to call him Joe, was standing in front of a nearby business here on Perkerson Road but had no idea cars were being targeted by thieves.

Church members did not respond to repeated phone calls, but late Thursday a statement was posted the All Nations Facebook page indicating several members were victims of vehicular theft and damage.

Police say three suspects were seen running towards Perkerson Road here in southwest Atlanta.

Robinson, a southwest Atlanta native, hopes someone will tell police who is responsible for the crime before anyone else gets hurt.

"It's not about snitching, it's about protecting what we have and making sure no one else gets hurt," Robinson said if she stood just a few yards away from where several car windows were shattered Wednesday night.

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